For launching products and services confidently

Product development teams and inventors often use interviews and focus groups to vet their ideas against market conditions and buyer perceptions. When primary research is done before final product development, it can potentially save companies from failed launches.

For improving profitability and customer loyalty

Although point-of-sale data is telling, so are customers. Is it your discounts and loyalty cards that bring customers back or something else? Can you improve your value to your customers by changing something in your product line or store? Is there a gap between the level of service you think you provide and the customer's perception of it? Using The Parabella to conduct qualitative interviews or quantitative studies may provide answers that you wouldn't get by asking customers yourself. 

For justifying a new business case or expansion

Whether needing data for an investor pitch, assessing a potential merger/acquisition target or trying to find answers to complex cannabis startup questions, we can help source the latest information. Secondary research may be a cost-effective way to find the answers you need.


One of our biggest challenges was trying to understand our differentiators and positioning from similar regulated testing laboratories. Their talent for research and strategy identified our true product lines and uncovered a variety of opportunities to build a stronger brand. Their tools and resources armed us with the knowledge we needed to move our business forward.
— R.G.

Become an Industry Professional Panelist

Whether you have a plant-touching business or work in an ancillary company, your expertise and knowledge are important. Besides, you may even earn a little money!