Launch products and services confidently

For more than 20 years, our expertise has been helping medical device, life science and healthcare companies introduce and differentiate their brands. We’re applying our FDA, HIPAA and regulatory compliance knowledge to also help the cannabis industry.

Improve the customer experience and increase retention

Is there a gap between the level of service you think you provide and the customer's perception of it? Having an outside resource like the Parabella to collect, analyze, then recommend improvements, provides a much appreciated, unbiased third-party assessment.

Expand a business or product line quickly

Companies in fast-growing industries need to scale quickly and cost-effectively. Understanding where, when and how to spend precious marketing dollars is critical. Aligning sales and marketing efforts and streamlining marketing processes is equally important.


I worked with Lisa and Carol to craft a Voice of the Customer study, at my former company. The study was not only well-designed and executed but also the recommendations fit the resources of our company. The resulting action items were doable and helped improve our customer experience.
— Ms. Perzanowski, North America Marketing, Philips Lighting Horticulture LED